Our Website Redesign Process

At Jestap Digital, we don't purchase WordPress Themes for building client’s websites. We create from scratch, every detail of the website ourselves. This approach is very tedious; but since we don't need to purchase Premium WordPress Themes for our development, it keeps our production cost low. This is why we are able to charge lesser than other agencies.

If by chance there is any specific element or feature you need on your website that is not included in our submission, you are required to be very clear with us; right from the beginning. We have had past experiences where customers get very angry because of features they want but we can't implement. If those specific features you want but can't get, will prevent you from getting 100% satisfaction with our service; we'd simply decline the job and not take any money from you at all. 


After making all the final corrections and are satisfied with our design; we will go ahead (with your permission) to replace your old website with the new design. Please take note: If for some reason you are not satisfied with our design, you are adviced to either let us change it before upload or better still not proceed at all. If you give us the permission to replace the content of your old website with our new design, then you approve that the design we upload is 100% what you need and would have no problem paying for.

Soon after we replace your old website with the new design and you confirm that everything is the same as you want; we will require you to pay our service fee in full. 

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